Your son’s or daughter’s wedding day is right up there with your own in terms of the most memorable and joyous occasions. While the spotlight is fixed on the bride during her special day, choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses In South Jersey is an important decision for you, too. You’ll want to make sure that you look your best, for this exciting time in your son’s or daughter’s life. 

What Mother of the Bride Dresses Should You Consider?

Mother of the Bride Dresses in south Jersey

The first step to shopping for mother of the bride dresses in south Jersey is talking with the bride. Choices that were once dictated by strict rules of ethics are now very much up to the couple getting married, so you’ll need to talk with your daughter to get a sense of her expectations or preference. Former faux pas like wearing white which would risk clashing with the bride’s dress, black which indicates mourning, or red being too flashy are perfectly acceptable now, as long as you have the bride’s blessing.

Before you start shopping, be sure that the wedding’s theme, colors and level of formality have been considered and established. This will help you narrow down your options for mother of the bride dresses in south Jersey and ensure that you don’t look out of place in the wedding party. It’s smart to allow about three months for any necessary alterations to be made. You’ll have enough to stress about as the big day approaches, so get your dress taken care of well in advance like the rest of the wedding party should do.

What Color Should Your Dress Be?

If the bride choosing to not allow a color you like white or black, you can accommodate her wishes by choosing a similar shade while not disobeying her wishes. Think champagne or silver instead of white, and midnight blue or dark charcoal in place of black. If you love bold colors but don’t want to call too much attention to yourself with overly bright colors, opt for a darker or lighter version like a deep burgundy or a soft rose instead of red.

What about coordinating mother of the bride dresses with the bridal party? This is up to the bride. A wedding party usually dresses in matching shades for dramatic photos, but mismatched and rainbow looks are popular wedding trends that can be just as striking. A good compromise is to choose a dress that complements the bridesmaids’ gowns without matching them perfectly. If the bridal party is wearing royal blue then you could wear navy, if they’re in purple then maybe look for a dress in lavender. Stay within the same color spectrum for a harmonious look that’ll still set you apart.

Once you’ve found your dress, it’s customary mother of the bride etiquette to share your selection with the mother of the groom. Mother of the groom dresses and mother of the bride dresses looks should complement one another, and the mother of the groom will typically take style cues from your dress of choice. Sometimes the mothers will even choose to go shopping together, which makes a great bonding experience while also ensuring that the two dresses coordinate beautifully.


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July 9, 2019